Photo of the Lincoln Memorial with a sunset in the bacgkround.
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

This summer, all these tourists are coming to visit downtown D.C. They are passing through to see the sights. They go visit the Old Post Office Building, the monuments and the memorials, the Capitol Building, the Reflecting Pool, the fountains and waterfront, the National Cathedral, the Smithsonian Zoo and museums. They drive by car into the city from miles around. They may come by boat, by train, by coach bus, or by airplane.

Sometimes, they are friendly to us and buy a newspaper or make a small cash donation. Other times, they stop and stare for a moment, then pass on by down the street to where they are going. When they see the homeless in the tents in the park, they usually ignore what is happening to the poor in the city.  It would be good, as they come to this city to see the sights, to speak to some of those who have called D.C. home all their lives.

There are so many stories to tell of the happenings in D.C. Tourists often stop outside the closed windows and locked doors of abandoned buildings where I sit on a milk crate. They ask me what shop, restaurant, or church was there back in the days of the good economy of last decade. I usually explain to them the story of these hidden gems and let them know what will be here in the future after these places are renovated and reopened for business.

The tourists often compare this city to the other places that they originate from, whether in the USA or around the world. Keeping my eyes and ears open, I often hear some tourists who are speaking languages other than English. While I can’t understand what they are talking about, I like the sounds of their voices as they chat in their language about daily life. I have found coins and currency from foriegn countries that I pick up and collect for a hobby. 

Thank God for the tourists who come to D.C. and bring in a lot of money for local businesses. I don’t know a better place to live, eat, walk, and meet people than this city.

For now, it is only a dream to travel to far away places and see the sights.  Butt that is alright with me, because I love living in this city!