Richard Hoehler

“I of the Storm” is a must-see show which expresses and depicts an honest, open-minded and true look at life’s lessons, and how one could sometimes complicate it to the point where one can miss the real essence of living life simplistically. We should not always be so critical of our lives, to the point that we cause ourselves unwarranted heartache, drama and hardship.

Richard Hoehler, magnificent in this one man play/recital, had a captive audience from start to finish when he brought the Off-Broadway show to D.C. If there were words to describe his delivery, only these three could define it, “Intoxicating, Exasperating, but Invigorating!”

My name is Reginald Denny, I’m a Street Sense vendor, and I was mesmerized while in attendance on May 4 for “I of the Storm.” Bravo! Bravo! Superb!

Street Sense was truly honored to have hosted “I of the Storm,” written by RJ Bartholomew, directed by Janice L. Goldberg and performed by Richard Hoehler, here at The Church of the Epiphany.  I was enthralled with the delivery of his heart-flinching performance.

This production showed one man’s struggle with homelessness. Our hero, Richard (the actor), loses his wealth but finds himself. I came away understanding, “now is the time to stop wasting time on a frivolous lifestyle of looking outside of self for things that will never truly satisfy the human spirit fully.” Richard shows us in this intoxicating and exasperating display that self-righteousness and pursuit for gain only end in dissatisfaction.

He closes with the fact that life is meant to be lived, not ignoring. He encourages us to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and enjoy the fruits of thy labor. K.I.S.S—keep it simple simply.  Allow the creator in you to create!!!  Take the time, sometimes, to stop, breathe and be still. Take the time to slow your mind.