A drawing of Jim Vance
Illustration by Dwight Harris

On July 22, news broadcaster Jim Vance passed away at the age of 75 after a battle with cancer. I grew up watching Mr. Vance on News 4 and met him in person two years ago. He was coming off the escalator while I was selling newspapers and seemed to be a down to earth person.

Watching him as I grew from teenager to adult, Mr. Vance was a positive influence on the air. He had a certain charisma about himself and he knew how to really talk to and connect with a person.

Mr. Vance was one of the pioneers for African American news anchors, alongside J.C. Haywood (WUSA 9), Max Robinson (ABC World News Tonight) and others. He overcame a lot of obstacles in his life. There will never be another one like him. May you rest in peace, Mr. Vance.

Leonard Hyater, Artist/Vendor

Jim Vance, the news anchor on channel 4, was a voice I grew up listening to. I’ve been watching him since I was a child. Since his death on July 22, other news anchors have been showing a lot of support for him. He was a journalist of the purest form. The outpouring of support that has come through for this man is overwhelming. I have great respect for what he accomplished as a journalist and stood for. I strive to be as much like him as possible or better. That is a goal that drives me.
Jim Vance’s career spanned most of my lifetime. He was a beacon for us all to draw from.

Damon Smith, Artist/Vendor

A drawing of Jim Vance

Drawing courtesy of Frederic John.


A Special Memory of the Great Jim Vance  

September 30, 1971 

Out brand new 

Channel Four  



Bravely fielded  

Insults and a 

few “wild swings” 

from rowdy 

“Yankees fans” 

at the final  

Washington Senators game in RFK  

Stadium I with my buddy George,  

Thought we needed to come to his aid. 

Jim thanked us with a hearty laugh. 

“I’ll handle those characters, but thanks  

anyway!” Vance went on to a long and  

distinguished career anchoring for  

NBC’s D.C affiliate. We shall miss him. 

—Frederic John, Artist/Vendor