A picture of a man standing with his daughter in front of him.
Moyo Onibuje with his daughter, Samoya.

My co-worker was
a smooth-dressing playa;
because of his cologne
you knew he was there. 

You talkin’ about a player
from the Himalaya;
But one thing about it
he loved selling Street Sense papers. 

Helping the homeless
was how we rolled;
I ain’t gonna say “we”
Always we started the best of friends. 

But the one thing I like
is that he was consistent;
And if you needed to talk
Pop Mayo always listened. 

Damn. Damn. 

So, rest easy, coworker.
Scoping out those papers
was well worth it. 
I will really miss that. 

Tell my other angel
I said hello. 
And welove you 
for helping Street Sense grow.