I learned how to be a man from the Lord and a from my beautiful Mom and hardworking Dad.  I’m still learning, it’s not easy. The truth is, men all over the world have fallen by the wayside.   

God wants a man in each young boy’s life to teach him how to be a man. But where is he??? Where’s the man that’s supposed to be around mom to hold her, have fun with her, disagree with her, work together with her, take care of her or him in tough times and sickness, and be an exemplary husband? 

All of this while Junior looks on and observes firsthand how a strong family is formed and sticks together in love. Where is that man? One main reason you won’t find him is because that man either has not found God or does not want God in his life.  

Too often our men find themselves chasing skirts or pants instead of being at home. Junior will grow up and be a man too. If dad is out running from responsibilities and ignoring God, most likely, so will Junior. The sins of the father will visit the offspring. 

I have thought about this a long time. I know some wonderful women and I pray they find good, responsible men that will treat them right. They deserve it. (Love ya my Street Sense Customers!) Now back to taking care of my beautiful queen.