Chon Gotti

Besides your resolutions…me? Steadily wishing I could live with you, simply because these streets will never do. They got me constantly in need of a breakthrough. Poppy needs bags and shoes. All new! And a Merry Christmas to you all too!

Happy for the holidays, even though I’m not home. Previous plans fell through, still left out on the streets, all alone. Needless to say, bring the New Year on.

Levester Green

I’m looking forward to a lot next year: keeping up with my health and my doctor’s appointments, continuing my therapy and staying in touch with my caseworker.

I go to anger management class once a week because I want to be assertive rather than angry. Sometimes I get to my appointment at 9 a.m. even though I’m not supposed to be there until noon. I have to leave early because I never know how the buses will run. When I get out of class, I look forward to coming to Street Sense Media to get my papers to sell.

I’ve been sick a few times this year. But, I’m feeling much better. I plan to hold on to that feeling in 2018.

Elizabeth Bryant

Happy Holidays y’all! Aren’t you and I glad to see this beautiful time of the year? It’s too bad it will come to an end soon. I hope Santa brought you a lot of gifts and that you were able to enjoy many gatherings with family and friends.

I stayed in town and had a great Christmas dinner at St. Alban’s church.

Please have hope and don’t give up. There are days I myself feel like giving up and feel hopeless. But I pray to God and it helps a lot. I am thankful for what little I have instead of complaining about what I don’t have. Stay warm and enjoy the holidays!

I’ll see y’all next year. God bless you.

Betty Everrett

I’m writing to thank the readers and supporters of Street Sense Media. I have been selling the paper for about nine years around some of the same locations. I meet a lot of interesting people, including local and national leaders. I even got invited to the pope’s visit where I shot video.

I got to meet then-President Obama and the first lady while they volunteered at So Others May Eat (SOME). I met Mayor Muriel Bowser when she visited Miriam’s Kitchen. I also met many volunteers and employees who help provide services to the homeless and those in need. I’m getting ready for the New Year and hoping there is continued progress and that your and my efforts will create a success for someone.

Thank you all and happy holidays — have a wonderful New Year!

Derian Hickman

1. Positive change doesn’t take long to happen when you DECIDE to do the right thing.

2. Positive change doesn’t take long to happen when you take IMMEDIATE action.

3. Positive change doesn’t take long to happen if you are FOCUSED on being a better person.

4. Positive change doesn’t take long to happen if you CUT OFF all possibilities of failure.

5. Positive change doesn’t take long to happen if you STAY COMMITTED to excellence.

6. Positive change can happen in seconds. But nothing will happen until you DECIDE to make a real change.

Chon Gotti