Photo of a "Door Open" button in an elevator
Photo courtesy of Alan Levine / flickr

On July 14, on my way to work, I saw some downtown workers returning to their workplaces. As a vendor, that put a smile on my face.

Channel 9 news said yesterday that most of the museums will reopen on July 20, throughout the week. I’ve been seeing some tourists recently and wondered what they were doing in sightseeing. I saw a reporter ask some tourists what they were going to see, since none of the museums were open. They said they visited the White House and saw some statues, and everyone said they were very disappointed that everything else was closed to walk-ins. I felt kind of bad for the tourists because when Mayor Bowser halfway opened up the city, she should have focused on residents only — still discouraging visitors — and opened the District up for tourists once the museums had opened back up. The way we did it wasted people’s time and money. 

Overall, I am very happy that we are starting to regain some normalcy back into the city. I live in permanent supportive housing for women, and I wish that N Street Village would reopen the doors at Erna’s House so we can have our friends, family, and grandchildren visit us again, instead of us having to go see them all the time during this reopening in the city. People I know and my family are vaccinated. It’s unfair to me and other residents who are vaccinated to keep closed because other women aren’t or don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s unfair to keep that policy intact while everything else has reopened.