Derian Hickman

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this day death and evil did its thing. The bells ring and the nation grieves once again, trying to answer why such a beautiful young soul should be killed, why oh why, even after all the tears we have already cried. 

 For those who died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High this past Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to say, “Our prayers are with you.” Words cannot describe how heartbroken we are. 

 Our sons’ and daughters’ faces give us comfort and remind us to love one another and believe in the humanity of man. The bells ring, and people will sing over the Lord’s praise, that our Lord might remove the sadness from our hearts and give us the courage to say NO, we won’t allow a teenager or any person to have a gun. People murder our babies — as if the NRA is God-sent, when it is in the Devil’s evil footprints. For a small piece of gold, many politicians have lost their souls, for our babies’ blood is on their hands. 

 The Saint Valentine’s Day massacre has a trail that leads to many broken hearts. When will it stop? O Lord, give guidance and a light to our children. And if they say, “The Devil made me do it,” then who else can it be? Call him evil, pure and plain. For who is really to blame? It is evil to sell children weapons of war. As the saying goes: “Live by the gun, die by the gun.” 

 Mass shootings every day; there’s never just “one more day.” This death is built into our past and our Second Amendment right to bear arms to murder our fellow man. What they say at the NRA is pure evil’s way: “We need more guns to keep us safe.” That will be the day when there are no more shootouts in Chicago like the wild, wild West Coast. 

 People need the Holy Ghost. Take a walk with the Lord, not with your Glock. 

 Time and the people’s vote will tell. The NRA and its supporters can all rot in hell.