On Feb. 18, the great evangelist Billy Graham died at the age of 99 years old.  

He lived a good life! I can remember my grandfather listening to him. He loved the man; he loved his preaching. 

I watched a documentary on Graham soon after his death, and it was amazing. He was a true man of God. He drew 92,000 people to Yankee Stadium in 1957. And when he asked anyone who accepts Christ to step forward, more than a thousand joined him at the front of the pulpit. He really preached the entire Bible, the scriptures and how to be saved. He never took credit for it — he gave it to God. 

Graham was a very humble man, for someone who has been around the world, and known multiple presidents. There’s nothing bad to be said about him. He will be missed.  

Reverend Graham, may God’s grace be upon you from here to eternity.