Phillip Howard, who spent more than 10 years with Street Sense, passed away on March 9. You can read more about him in his vendor profiles (2004, 2013, 2015) and in Street Sense’s memorial to him.

service will be held on April 13, 2016 at 1pm in The Church of the Epiphany, 1317 G Street NW. All are welcome.


I scream within my soul and a sadness rains within the core of my beliefs regardless of race color and creed.

My heart cries over the loss of your presence and the compassionate living and leading by example you shared and gave all of us. Yet for all of that, once tagged, you and hundreds of others were left alone and tagged, “homeless, no next of kin identified.

“Not even expired,” society and hipa, disconnected you. Thank the heavens above that Street Sense and Josh would not stand for it.

You have family and it is us.

The weight we carry, the overwhelming obstacles we face everyday; and still we uninhibitedly, advocate and battle the deficit ignoring inert deaf ears. Yes we live to change the world view by our active advocacy and care.

We keep going, doing for ourselves and others, always, every day in big and little ways. That is the essence of our street sense family.

We will keep being, not going away. Just like you Howard we will thrive home until one day we put Brian car one out of a job, for there will be no more isolated, disconnected, broken lives disrepaired wholesomely because of home_less_knot.

Thank you for living, being and loving us. God bless the child that cares.

~ Angie Whitehurst, vendor







When I heard that you had passed and that I could no longer see you, it hurt me deeply.

If by some chance my morale had faltered for a second, then a moment’s reflection of your life helped console me. You were unique in the way that you lived your life as a Christian man.

You were blessed with a barrel-load of charm. You were always a gentleman, who had learned early in life how to be respectful and kind. You lived your life that way.

You were a powerful cut above the rest, and I was happy that our lives crossed.

Once the news of your passing was out, tears remembering you immediately followed. I know that you will be missed. And I pray that we will meet again—not physically, but spiritually.

May you rest in peace.

~ Shernell Thomas, Vendor



Jennifer Ortiz




The employees of Dressbarn would like to express their profound sadness at the passing of Mr. Phillip Howard. Mr. Howard was a very special member of our team. His kindness and ability to bring laughter and joy to us often was the highlight of our day.

Mr. Phillip Howard will be truly missed. Although we are sad at his passing, we know he is at peace.

                                                                                                                  Rest in peace,

Your Dressbarn Family