And we all got these words from a wonderful lady

Of life’s journeys and why the caged bird sings.

She told of what it all means

For a believing woman to raise her voice

To give herself a choice in life.

And when the time comes

Be you many or be you one,

Raise your thoughts and say

Speak of things and don’t be afraid to say.

And when they try to cage you in this life

Sing, Sing, Sing and let it be known

For justice is a song you will sing.

This wonderful lady came to know

She shared it in a word in her life

Whatever you go through, live to be free

Live to be you

And always cry out for justice.

And even when caged,

Sing, Sing, and Sing His praise.

For I know why the caterpillar

Wants to fly.

Praise the Lord for Sister Angelou.