during the war and who fought for our country. We pay our dear respects to our loved ones by visiting their graves, placing wreaths and flowers and our love on them. The memory lasts forever in our hearts.
How much we miss them. They’ve gone on home to our father in heaven, resting in peace.
Memory of the ones we lost: our siblings, children, babies, parents, grandparents…
I give special dedication to my family: my great grans and ancestors buried at Woodlawn Cemetery many years ago. Over at Benning Road NE, Woodlawn is one of the first and oldest historic African American cemeteries in WAshington D.C., along with Harmony over in Landover and Lincoln near Suitland Rd, MD.
My grandfather served his country during World War II, my father also served our country during peacetime in the U.S. Army. I am honored by their excellence. I am also saddened tha the grandparents and great grandparents on both sides of my family are gone. Both of my parents remember the loss of their loved ones: many of my aunts, uncles and cousins have all passed on.
It brings tears to my eyes, but also a sense of joy, happiness, and peace. They are gone, but they are gone forever to a better resting place way above the rest. God has you in his love and care, and for them it was time to fly on with their wings to heaven.
They labored, fought the war, and battled terminal illness. Some survived the war, some did not. All across the world remember everyone during the Boston bombing, World Trade Center, those killed at the movie theater shooting… we must remember in our hearts the ones we treasure and love. One day we will get to see them again.