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Give or take a year i have been in or involved in the homeless community for the last eight years. 2016 will be the ninth year of my involvement. A large part of that work has through this newspaper.
In this short span of time I have learned a great deal about the city: how its money and government works, and the shortcomings and pitfalls that go with it. I must admit, I have come a long way.
I may not be proud of some of my decisions. But I always ask myself: what would any other person do in this situation? I usually find myself coming to the same conclusion: the outcome is the same, I cannot blame my path.
All in all I have been able to determine two things, fact and fiction. This year I’m resolving to deal with facts. I am striving to experiment and test those facts to see if there is truth to them.
I cannot blame others, I can only seek answers with a question.
I just so happen to be dark skinned and wooly haired, “nappy” as some would call it. These are two facts I confirm each time I look into a mirror. I am curious about my heritage and lineage. It may bleed into cultures and places I could never imagine.
I am placing my faith in securing and being able to test true and factual answers about where I come from. What stories may lay within that journey? Hopefully, in time, I can give this information to offspring of my own genes, so that they will be given something that my parents were unable to give.
Do I blame them? No. I blame the existence of fact and fiction. Not its existence per se, but the perception of reality it can give. Facts are the things I feel that humanity needs in each individual experience. We may not always agree on our perception of them, but we can agree on facts. This is my resolution, I hope to make it one that will last longer than just one year, and that through them I will be able to contribute to positive advancement in my own life and hopefully others’ lives too. So here is to you 2016, let’s hope you bring us all the facts.