Illustration by Cynthia Mewborn

Trouble Storms of Life

by Leon Valentine

When it rains, sometimes it makes the day go very slowly. Even though we’re out there trying to make the day a blessing.

I would think some of my customers over at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill know of me. I have been troubled with drugs for many years, since the age of 13. God has saved and blessed me in the days to come! I have been clean for 13 years.

I always tell my friends to keep me in their prayers every day.

PS – Every day is a blessed day!



by Ronald Turner

Rain is water that comes from the clouds and feeds the grass and the birds of the sky. People need rain. The body is made up from 95 percent water. People need water to take a bath and to cook food.

I like to sleep in the rain—but only when I’m inside—where I can look at the TV, listen to the raindrops on the roof, and watch my TV shows, like “Let’s Make a Deal.”


On Rain

by Ken Martin

I can’t stand the rain

Outside my window.

And no, I don’t wish it would rain.

I am not gonna lay back,

And groove on this rainy day.

Because right now there are,

Torrential storms in my life.

My shelter of loving arms is leaking buckets,

Of rain. My pockets are hemorrhaging dollars.

My heart bleeds from memories of “happy days,”

In the rain.

The rhythm of rain gives me blues,

The drops are falling down,

Likewise run my tears,

With my spirit close behind.

Illustration of a lighting storm, rain clouds, and flower pots.
Illustration by Larry Kelley

Susies Always Come in the Rain

by Debbie Brantley

A variety of wise people with purposes come to me in the rain. The rain is full of Susies. Susies are women with bad intentions. They come straight at me, lots of times with news.

“Good news?” asked Susie. “Is that what you like?” They always ask what you like. They always have many things to give me—“since you’ve had a hard time,” as Susies say.

Susies always come in the rain. One, since it is raining pretty hard today, had something to give me. I asked, “What is it that you have to give that is worth money, Susie?” She said, “I have a whole bunch of wise sayings, which are combinations of truth and sad news.”

“Are the truths put together with the sad news to eliminate the sadness?” I asked.

“No, said Susie. “A girl is leaving camp, and it is sad.”

“So she won’t be back to talk to me?” I asked. ‘Is what you are saying, black-eyed Susan?” Another Susie with bad hopes and grievous temperaments that are solid cubes.

In the rain, men also come to bear news. “No news today,” said one of the Thomases. They are called Thomases because they doubt everything “in a red ring of sadness.” I guess this is the famous ring of fire.

Three things or people have come on my way today. The red ring of sadness (also known as the ring of fire), the Susies, and the Thomases. Together these equal good times beyond measure. And I am in a good mood today, as long as the day is long, to quote a proverb. I can write about proverbs. It is wise.



by Clarence Williams

When it rains outside, I feel like relaxing, listening to music, and watching all of my favorite Food Network shows. I also feel like doing some heavy cooking to practice my recipes, when it is raining outside. I want to keep my cooking skills up to par while doing something productive with my day.