Plan de Alfabetzication/Flickr

What makes people watch reality shows? Do they think they will learn something about life? Or is it just entertainment? Should a person starring in one of these shows have accomplished something that can be validated?

The shows demonstrate many things. Some facts are even sad. On one show, a woman’s husband gave up her father so that he, apparently, would get less time in jail. One woman on another show had the desperate need to know that the man buried in her father’s grave was actually her father. Who did she think it would be?

Women, especially, seem to have a hard time getting along with each other. A trip out of town is a promise of a shouting and screaming match. To their favor, though, they do seem to love their husbands and children.

My problem with this genre is that it is misleading about financial survival. Unless they have been married to a rich person, or are a member of a rich family, they are doing the show to earn a living, or possibly get customers for an interest they are pursuing. They have to know that making a CD like “Money Can’t Buy You Class” or “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party” sure won’t pay the very real bills.