Kamala Harris speaks on a stage in front of a collection of photos.
Kamala Harris would be the first Black, South Asian, and female vice president if elected. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore // Flickr

Joe Biden really did it this time. He picked a woman — but not just any woman. He picked Kamala Harris, a Black woman. Biden worked with Obama, so he knows how to work with Black Americans. I believe this is why he was able to pick her. He knows America needs a change.

Harris is a former attorney general of California who will be very hard on crime. She’s going to be tough on criminals to end gang violence and probably to end a lot of the drug trade, too. As a servant for the people, she will address foreign and domestic affairs. She’s been a senator for a while, so she knows how to do the job. 

Harris has a history in Washington, D.C.: She’s a Howard University student and she was in a sorority. 

She’s also the one who really got under Biden’s skin at the debate. Picking her means he believes she’s the one he needs the most. He needs a partner he can depend on and who he knows will do the job. 

America needs a change and Kamala Harris will make it happen. She’s definitely the right choice.

Ayub Abdul is a Street Sense Media artist and vendor