Rana Ossama/ Flickr

For a thousand nights of his mercy, amen, for ten days of a year the angels descend to take one’s praise back to the Lord, so blessed the nights of morning darkness when your heart shines a light to sleep in the temple on one of these blessed nights and awake to the praise before the sun light if only man knew of his mercy of the moon 30 days then its first sight.

All the blessings are for the believers in those ten nights for the deeds you do when you treat the people right. Honor a mother and a father to be good kith and kin; with a small child is a good place to begin. But oh in the end those ten days are always worth their weight of gold and silver in the life to come knowing what every man must one day know. By the light of the moon and the blazing sun for this we love and we live because we love the Lord who is one.