Homeless Hub/Flickr

On Monday June 2, dozens of New Yorkers gathered in Washington Square Park to rally for more beds for the homeless youth, especially for those in the LGBT community. According to New York City’s WPIX TV, those in attendance included not only young homeless people, but also famous New Yorkers who supported the cause. For instance, Edie Windsor spoke at the rally. Windsor won the Supreme Court case United States vs. Windsor, which ultimately ruled that federal benefits apply to same-sex married couples.

The rally officially launched the National Campaign for Youth Shelter.

The protesters wanted more beds available for all homeless youth so they would not have to “couch surf” or live on the street.

A spokesperson for NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio, however, affirmed the New York City mayor’s pledge to keep the homeless youth of the city safe and with a bed. The spokesperson said the mayor is “committed to providing every New Yorker who needs it a bed to sleep on each night in a safe space, which is why the mayor’s proposed executive budget invests in 100 new crisis shelter beds for runaway and homeless youth, nearly a quarter of which are specifically allocated for LGBTQ youth.”