Johnny Silvecloud

Let me be clear, racists have too much time on their hands. Any race, creed, gender or sexual preference should be treated equally. My wife was Jewish and I’m Muslim and we loved each other. I still pray for her soul and my family’s souls.

Back to the topic: racism against people of African descent. This can be a barrier to employment. I’ve experienced it myself. At a downtown Au Bon Pain, I’ve observed that an Asian store manager only hires Ethiopian and Latino people. I wonder why. She must think they work harder than African Americans – which is a huge misconception.

God really doesn’t like ugly, so if you are spreading ugly and hate, you’ll get that same thing back. In your travels treat everybody the same and you’re going to feel better. Young or old, rich or poor, in God’s eyes each and every one of our souls is as precious as the next. Praise Him.

Marcus Green is TKTKTK