Angie Whitehurst

Carol Schwartz’s biography, Quite a Life!: From Defeat to Defeat … And Back, is not just her story, it is the story of our city, its people and its struggles to solidify a territory without statehood. For me, personally, it is a review of her struggles and political battles, plus the city’s resilience and determination to be free, successful and strong, after years of Jim Crow discrimination. For those new to D.C. and wanting to learn more about the homeless problem, poverty, the housing struggle, statehood, and the fight for home rule control, Schwartz’s book is a must-read, especially right now, before the June 26 primary. 

Schwartz last ran for mayor against in 2014, competing against David Catania in the Republican primary. If she’d won, she would have faced Muriel Bowser in her first winning bid to be mayor of Washington, DC. When asked, she sincerely stated that she believes she has grown into the role and responsibility of being mayor! 

While there are many other books and movies on Washington, D.C.’s elected officials, this is one of my favorites for its readability, as well as the candor and authenticity of the author, who lived it and shared it with our city.