Jane Cave

On January 29, 2015, “Staging Hope”–a Street Sense Theatre Group Workshop directed by George Washington University professor Leslie Jacobson, Roy Barber and Rachel Buck–made its debut at Saint Andrews Public School. Former and current homeless actors performed a collection of scenes, monologues, poetry and songs. Afterwards, high school students were given a Q&A session to interview performers.

Education has always played a vital role in breaking stereotypes and Street Sense performers didn’t fall short, shattering future prejudices and biases against homeless individuals. Allowing homeless people to share their stories, creativity, talents and intellect provides broader opportunities to teach and educate the general public. Providing a genuine homeless perspective brings light to “Our voices” where only darkness and “shame” once dwelled.

And this catalytic light creates a platform for authentic social change, mutual respect, dignity and justice for all. When a stage promotes and demonstrates difficult, real-life situations, gaps are closed through conversation and dialogue. Ultimately, the world begins to see people who appear different to be not that different at all. So once again, thank you Saint Andrews for allowing the homeless community to have a voice in your community and we look forward to future performances in other communities and public venues in the future.