A colorful illustration of people and families in front of a home
Illustration by Reginald Black


Affecting a population, the community as a whole.
Made for the community to act as a whole.
Relating to service, especially as a community government officer, the people who consult a particular group of people — a community, state, or nation — with a common interest.


Collectively having shelter, lodging, or dwelling place.
The act of providing houses for a group, or community.
Anything that covers, protects;
A fully enclosed case and support for a mechanism.


An estimate, often itemized.
The expected income and expense for a given period.
The future plan of operations, based on an estimate of income and expenditure.
To keep within the household quantity of material, written or printed.

The public housing budget. 

This moral code shouldn’t be restricted by being put forward by the government through taxation. It should be used to provide for our homes, states, and nation now!!!!!