Photo courtesy of Nagesh Jayaraman / Flickr

On March 20, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed Disability Services Reform Amendment Act 2018. Thanks to this legislation, there will be a new formal complaint process for disability programs, and those who complain will be protected from losing their services.  

This law was a big victory for the disabled community, which includes me. I was diagnosed with an intellectual disability in 2009. This legislation would help the community to have more independence. The mayor has also introduced legislation to protect the civil rights of D.C. residents with intellectual disabilities.

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Previously, the District was one of the only places in the country where a resident with intellectual disabilities needed to be committed before they could receive certain services from the city, including Medicaid and housing. The Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities Civil Rights Restoration Act, however, would change this, giving greater control to individuals and their families. The bill is now in the hands of D.C.’s Committee on Human Services, and I hope they will pass it soon.