As I was watching the news this week, they were reporting how Washington, D.C. was doing a sting on street prostitutes by putting them in jail every time they see a prostitute in the streets. It is just a plain waste of time and energy to lock up women for street prostitution. But, to tax them as they do in Nevada is a different story. Nevada’s legal prostitution requires that the workers be healthy and gives customers the opportunity to sue if they are affected by someone who turned out not to be healthy. The only thing a cop has to do there is see if a prostitute has all of his or her licenses and updated papers in order. I bet adopting this system will slow down street prostitution.

Nevada is the lone State in the USA, to have legal prostitution.

Why can’t The Supreme Court legalize prostitution for the other 49 states? It is an old profession, not only in the states but around the world.

Nevada Law requires that all prostitutes have to be at least 21 years old and must register with a county Sheriff, receive regular medical checkups, be tested weekly for gonorrhea, Chlamydia trachomatis and be tested monthly for HIV and syphilis. Nevada has brothel owners as opposed to street prostitution.

Prostitution stings are very ineffective and it’s wasted taxpayer’s money and time.

Jesus Christ defended Mary Magdalene from a group of people who wanted to throw stones at her because she was a repentant prostitute. They walked away only after Jesus said ’those who have not ever sinned in their entire lives can go ahead and cast that first stone.’

No one did, they moved on about their business. Prostitution is in my neighborhood, but I have to be wide awake in the wee hours of the night or get up super early in the morning to see a prostitute on the street.

To hear a politician right here in the District say ‘housewives are offended to have prostitutes in their neighborhood’ is a lame excuse. Children and housewives are usually in bed snoring when street prostitutes are working. I am simply coming up with solutions rather than wasting taxpayers’ money by having prostitution stings. That taxpayer money could go into housing homeless families and individuals.