President Trump at his State of the Union address

You could see the Democrats seething in rage during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. They showed their hate for this country. They couldn’t stand for the flag, celebrate record-low black unemployment or cheer for things that they themselves support, such as lower prescription-drug costs or increased infrastructure spending.

Hey, Fake News: Keep up the Russia-collusion narrative. Trump is winning more converts, while the Democrats offer nothing but anti-Trump hatred.

While Trump’s speech was a call to participate in America’s prosperity, I was disappointed in Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.), who delivered the Democratic response. I was rooting for Kennedy, hoping he would be like John and Robert, whom I adored, but they made Joe III walk the plank, speaking about an American who was soundly rejected in 2016. Democrats don’t see how hypocritical they look, claiming to hate money when people like Kennedy were born rich. Kennedy is the quintessential limousine liberal who doesn’t know any immigrants that don’t mow his lawn or clean his bathtub. I tuned out when he said he will tear down any wall built by Trump, because we can do both — we can have a humane immigration system without undermining our sovereignty and national security.

How can progressives say they care about native-born African Americans and Hispanics when they put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of everyday Americans? If they want rights, they need to do what every other immigrant has done before them: come here legally.

Sometimes you may not like the door opening to you, but to my fellow African Americans, Trump is like a prison break. You can stay in your cell or escape the close-mindedness of liberalism. It’s okay to think for yourself. You don’t have to consult other Black people about who to support. Progressives are about style and rhetoric, using flowery language to confuse you, while Trump is a man of action. I gravitated to Trump because I like the fact he doesn’t take crap from the establishment. He’s like a tank that blasted through the veneer of politeness and political correctness. He doesn’t back down from confrontation.

When Trump steamrolled Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s government shutdown over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, I wasn’t surprised. I saw him do the same thing in Atlantic City. I saw the unions try to shove him around, and he just closed up shop and put them out of work. Dems will learn the hard way.