Image of a yin and yang symbol
Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey / Wikimedia Commons

Power is the question! Where do I find power or strength in my life? Let’s look at facts and not fiction or a make-believe. Where does power come from? Inside you or outside? When I wake up in the morning, what power woke me up? What power feeds me? What power allows me to breathe? What power allows me new thoughts day by day? 

Does power mean: I have a lot of money? “I have enough money to oppress people, start wars, destroy families, kill animals” —  Is that power? It’s not! That’s not power. That’s called insanity!

In physics, power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit of time. Wait one second! Power is transferred/converted energy?

That being true, how can people have power? Or is it that people are stealing power and calling it theirs? What do I mean? The energy of good and evil was already here before man and woman. So a person doing good or evil is actually stealing the power/energy to “choose” to do so. Which does not give people power, but only choices.

The choice to oppress people or not, kill people or not, help people or not: These are choices, not power.