Poker cards
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I have never seen those that disagree with me as enemy combatants. I am sometimes shocked when someone accuses me of being hateful. I don’t hate anyone, I just disagree with them. I guess I have a different mentality than most Washingtonians.

I grew up in Atlantic City. I worked at Donald Trump’s casino there for six years. I played poker with the highest of high rollers. To me, poker imitates life — it’s sad seeing someone go broke, but they knew the risks involved before they sat down and played. In poker as in life, it’s not fair — some alcoholic gets a hot wife while you go to church and stay single. As in poker, I don’t lose my cool when a donkey wins every pot while your aces keep getting whacked. Life is feast and famine. And some famines seem to last longer than others. The best hand doesn’t always win, but if you play good cards, you greatly improve your chances of winning.

I see politics similar to poker. I don’t see things in left or right, liberal or conservative. I only see upside or downside to the decisions I make. There is no morality in economics. Someone’s misery is someone’s treasure. A famine in a third world country can be profitable to the person that delivers goods and services to that impoverished nation. It’s not that I don’t care about issues regarding poor people and minorities, but sometimes you have to cut some people loose.

I guess I’m out of step with today’s generation. I believe the Civil Rights movement ultimately weakened Black people’s resolve to uplift themselves and lured them into believing that White people would care about them and treat them better. Having someone such as George Wallace standing in the doorway and throwing us out of restaurants made us better human beings. Bleeding hearts and guilty White people have been the destruction of our people because we keep looking for others to help us.

A man likes challenges and doesn’t run and hide because someone calls them out on their nonsense. Liberalism destroys manhood and weakens a man’s resolve to get off his musty dusty and do something constructive. Like in poker, if you get sucked out of a big pot, It doesn’t do you any good to continue whining about injustice. Congratulate your opponent, even if he’s an idiot, and wait for another opportunity to get all your chips back.

Marching and whining about racism and slavery is stupid. African-Americans collectively have hundreds of billions of dollars that we could reinvest in our own economy without the support of White people. Meanwhile these social justice warriors keep screaming oppression, but I never heard any racists tell African -Americans to support people in the community that fleece you then retreat to the suburbs after they sold you their products. White folks would never let another group come into their communities, buy up their neighborhoods, then not hire or rent to them.

Hoping that those in Washington heed my advice, no matter what political persuasion, is wishful thinking. There’s serious rot in our political discourse. I yearn for the pragmatism of Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. I hate identity politics and hope we can go back to discussing policies that favor everyone, such as Social Security and Medicare, instead of picking winners and losers based on grievances.