A photo with a DC police car among a crowd.
Photo courtesy of Joe Flood / Flickr

I send all my blessings out to the family of George Floyd. Y’all stay strong. At least he’s in God hands. God got him.

I speak on that situation with the cops.

I’m an ex-con, so I’m gonna speak real talk, like I always speak. This ain’t just start happenin’. It’s happenin’ way back in the 50s and 60s, this stuff with cops. They always say we pull a gun out, we did this, we did that. 

But now it’s comin’ to the light. It ain’t like that, you know?

And I’m not here to judge nothing. But I’m speakin’ as a ex-con. I know some guys that I met, or hang out in prison with, they in there for shooting at the cop. The cop say they shot, but never had the gun, never had the bullet. Nothing. 

To me, the whole justice system is not fixable. You got more crooked cops than you got crooked crimes on the street. Cops do more than we ever think they do. Pretend they got a uniform, ’till the last minute it catch up with ’em.

I’m feeling down, but, like I said, I never give up. There’s a lot I’m going through, a lot I’m facing. Everybody facing something in life, but some people give up, some people don’t.

For everyone in the world, whatever you do, never give up. 

I’m glad to see the city’s coming back together. A lot of things open. A lot of people moving around. And a lot of people starting back working.

And not seeing so many police anymore. And no more burglarizing, nothing going on.

I’m praying and hoping that we start back working, selling papers. I can start selling my book, get a better income. ‘Cause honestly, I tell you, I’m tired of sleeping outside on benches. 

My editor Thomas and his wife pull up on me Tuesday night while they was going out and protesting. It kind of hurt me letting them see me sleep there, but I was laying on the bench.

He say, “I know you’re not comfortable with sleeping there.”

No, I’m not.

But I don’t care what I go through, Thomas and his wife, they always behind me. I thank them for everything that they do for me. Not only that, I’m thankful for all my supporters in this society with me that stop by and help me out.

I’m just trying to take it one day at a time. I’m just praying that all of us start back working, people catch up with they bills, whatever. 

I thank God that we coming back together, and we stay together, and things gettin’ back on track. I love y’all, take care. Good luck to everyone.