Photo of the Wilson Building
Courtesy of Andrew Wiseman

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who’s supposed to be the genius, me? Or is it you?

Well why do my homeless people still get abuse

from the way you shelter them

down to the way you feed them food? 


You talk to them like they’re trash, you make them sleep with rats

Years after years, you still feed them lunch bags

You make them feel unwanted

even if they’re spending their money


But what makes you any better than ours?

Why didn’t your family end up where mines is? 

The Creator always had this plan

 just like God told you 


Stop playing, how y’all virusly washing your hands 

Don’t get scared, now you SEE

God wasn’t pleased 

at how y’all fight over money 


Y’all think I’m crazy, huh?

Coronavirus is an attack on our government

It don’t take a rocket scientist to see

It’s evident.