KP Tripathi/ Flickr

Off of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. and Alabama Ave., S.E., there is a troubled place. Five people have been shot in the past 30 days. I know this because I live there. A father and son, a young man and woman, and now a child have been victims. Every night it is like a war zone. You hear gunfire and fights with teens, and older people too.

Children are scared to go to the store. Some adults don’t go out at night. My grandchild is afraid of a lot of people around the store, because they bum rush you out of the store to hit you up for cash.

A girl was raped at 2:00pm in the afternoon, grabbed off of the street only two apartments down from me. Everyone has been robbed at one time or another. I spoke with a lady who was in her late sixties and told me that her neighbor robbed her twice. They took her television and now she has nothing. She said she was afraid to call the police because she is old and alone.

Last night, I became really concerned about the people and crime in our neighborhood.

The law can only monitor, and the government can only look and make laws. We have to learn to love ourselves.