Robert Williams

Homelessness transcends beyond cultural origins and can hit any economic level. There remains too much prejudice in this world, but from homelessness – it can hit anyone. Readers and followers, I need some information and feedback ASAP. I’ve made several trips to McPherson Square Park at 15th and I Street NW. To my surprise, there are no more people with unstable housing sleeping there. Have they been forced out of McPherson , as they generally are, and forced away from wherever they try to congregate? Except Franklin Park that is, at 14th and K St.


They are allowed to gather there: rest, sleep, eat, etc. It’s almost like Franklin is the zoo, a cage without bars, where they can monitor what they presume to be lesser animals. Unfortunately, they must share the park with the overpopulation of rodents as the weather begins to get better, parks are being beautified to make them more appealing and comfortable for another society of people while the forgotten and ignored society of people are constantly treated as though they are an eyesore. They are pushed out and away from everywhere they go. Even the shelters with their horrific conditions turn them out in the early morning.


Where is the final resting place for the homeless, before death? (Which preferably won’t be on the street, as it was for some 43 Washingtonians last year and 53 the year before.) The homeless should not be targeted for removal from public places, like parks, eating areas or any of the other limited space they have to rest. Instead, target them for comparable health care, affordable housing and employment.