The Washington Center

Well, the first thing I want to do is to say hello to my little angelic Princess LILA! I missed you over the summer. It was really great seeing you this morning. Thank you again for your gift and your encouraging smile. Now, Good Day, to all my faithful readers. Please continue to follow me in Street Sense, as I don’t have a Twitter, ha ha.

Next, I have some food for thought today. Well, more like food for taste. Just as I am adamant about the plight of veterans, the eradication of homelessness and the acquisition of affordable housing —I am just as interested in food! I sometimes refer to my diet as a “see food” diet (all I see I eat!). There are a number of places to find me digesting good food. Let’s start at Farragut Park between I St and K St. Both sides of 17th St. N.W. Now, if you like seafood (actual seafood), a must eatis the Boyds’ truck: The Seafood Boss. Cecil, an awesome chef, and Theresa, would both be overjoyed to have you stop by and stimulate your palate with any of their delightful dishes. Look for the SEAFOOD BOSS FOOD TRUCK on Fridays at Farragut Park!

LOLZ Wingeez is another must. Talk about some good chicken wings! The(Peruvian) chef, Jose, works very hard and previously owned his own restaurant. Now has more mobility to tantalize the public stomach with his expertise in preparing chicken alongside his beautiful assistant, Beth. The Greek Trucks are good too – they offer gyros with or without rice.

And having been diagnosed lactose intolerant, yet having also experienced both ice cream trucks, I lack the discipline to avoid them. Try them, you’ll see what I mean.

After you try the trucks at Farragut, head north to Nando’s at Dupont. Ya gotta have dinner there at least once. I assure you, you will visit several times thereafter. Service to food, food to service. Jeremy, Roy and Megan make up part of one of the best management teams you are bound to find at any restaurant. Add Mike and Lamont on the grill and it’s just simply amazing what they do to that Bird. They make you wanna snatch ‘em up for your next outside BBQ!

On top of that, all of your sides are cooked up by overwhelmingly charming Oscar and Stephanie. They always want to ensure that you want for nothing. Even upon entering, no greater greeters imaginable than Destiny and Nae. Beauty and Brains rolled up tight like an eggroll into 1 package. Though usually busy, they will have you comfortably seated in record time with minimal waiting. Say hey to Nae’s niece, also sporting a short haircut like Nae.. And you’ll hardly ever catch Destiny without a glowing smile. Shaunna, Ania and Kierra will be more than glad to help you at the cash register. Though you may need sunglasses for Shauna’s illuminating smile. Or you’ll keep talking to hear the smile in Ania’s voice. So thumbs up for Nando’s chicken. And tell ‘em Robert sent you.

In concluding with things to do, show love to someone today. Particularly someone you do not know. May I suggest a homeless person, they are people too. Unfortunately, they are a society of people ignored and/or forgotten, made up of too large a percentage of veterans. You will be amazed at the fulfillment you’ll receive for helping someone. Something you can do is mark your calendars for Street Sense’s Gala Celebration, September 29, 2016 (6-9 pm) @ the Historic Mansion on 15th St. N.W. Josephine Butler Parks Center 2437 15th 15th St. N.W. Washington D.C. 20009. For tickets go to Join me there and make me know you, and thanks for all your support and allegiance, wanna see your face in the place now, okay.

Learn to listen and listen to learn, do not allow your past to define you, allow it (your past) to prepare you. Your past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. Last but not least, thanks, praise and worship the God of your understanding. Trust Him and lean not to your understanding, He will meet your needs. As for me, that God is the Father of my Lord and resurrected Savior Jesus the Christ, keeper and sender of the Holy Spirit. I say that for me. Love, peace and happiness.