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To all my followers and supporters—especially Lila, I miss you my little angelic friend—I trust you have been well.

The issue at hand is still eradication of homelessness for all, particularly veterans, mentally challenged, handicapped, ALL. I saw, as I began reading the last edition of our paper, the recent listening session at CCNV—one of the largest shelters in the country—projects thee same old jargon.

I’m still being told—even by other veterans —that I’m “well taken care of.” That I “get a check.”

Where is it? Have you seen it? Please forward it to me.

It’s one thing for the Veterans Affairs Administration and the system to they play upon the intelligence of taxpaying citizens with their false propaganda. But when they start fooling other vets… where does the mind manipulation stop?!

It stops when we collectively lift our voices and hold elected officials accountable. It’s your life. You and the generations that follow are not exempt from the horrific things people in the ignored and forgotten homeless community face. You might not agree with some things done by people with unstable housing. It might make you uncomfortable.

You might see something as an eyesore. You might find yourself trapped in the environment of an inescapable odor.

But you probably wouldn’t be able to do any different in their shoes.

Unless voting and taxpaying citizens come to the realization of how imperative it is to lift your voice to eradicate homelessness, then you might as well get used to it. Get comfortable living with and around it. Furthermore, if we don’t begin to unify and hold these elected officials accountable, it will undoubtedly be at your doorstep next. Just like

K2 and crack cocaine: unexpected by you, yet expected and by and of no concern to them.

As long as those in power are not affected, do you really think they care about or respect you? If they did, all the rhetoric, false propaganda and deceit would not be so prevalent.

Nothing personal, strictly business. (Perception or reality?)

It boils down to a diet of B.S. which you continue to feast upon without question – as though you are at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

We must collectively begin to use our heads as more than ornaments. Respect yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of collective decision-making. The best decision is an informed decision.

One is truly hindered when info given is false and your intelligence is played upon by the system, VA and/or government. Look up, look down, look all around. Don’t continue to allow yourself to be played like a clown.

The homeless community is not fooled. They are aware they are being used, not respected or cared for. But you, taxpaying citizens, productive members of society with employment and stable housing, seem to be totally oblivious to the world around you.

Are you? Rhetorical question. Some ease their minds and consciousness by saying “I give to this or that organization.”

Well in some instances, that’s who you are helping or funding: The Organization, not those with unstable housing.

To quote a phrase from one of our theatre group’s plays, which I participate in: “Our Community is in trouble. Only we can be those who make it better. How can we just sit there and let it be like this? We must change. Only together can we change. Only together can we win the day. Only us. Only us.”

That was written by Reginald Black, “Da’ Street Reportin’ Artist.”

(Perception or Reality?

The ball is in your court, and you’re in the paint.

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