When will it ever end? Where are we headed as a people? Not just black people or white people – red, yellow or brown people – but a race of people. There is only one race of people: the human race.

Perception or Reality?

It is perceived that there are many benefits and services available for the homeless, veterans in particular. In reality, this is not the case. Far from enough is being done. Salt Lake City has declared an end to veteran homeless. Maybe more cities should take a page from their book.

The belief that enough is being done manipulates the actions of individuals each day. Unjustifiably, this falsification is what the public wants to believe, which thereby justifies a lack of  positive action or even acknowledgement.

Examine yourself, as I examine myself. What are the motives behind the actions we take? Do you care, or are you trying to PROVE that you care? Who or what at any cost do you feel the need to prove yourself to if you really do care?

Do we prosper and progress individually or collectively?  It is my understanding that the human race (black, white, red, yellow, or brown) was designed to be at the top of the food chain, so to speak.

But those that prosper most in today’s society, have done so on the neck of others, while too many are held in jails, rehabilitation institutions, and the cycle of homelessness. That type of victory is shallow, to say the least.  Last time I checked, it was cheaper to house people than support them through homelessness. Why then are we so animalistic in our behavior. It is not our given nature.

Who actually benefits? You, I , everyone or no one? Are there not groups of animals that travel together in packs or herds? The operative word there is TOGETHER.

Where is the togetherness for “we the people?” There is a homeless epidemic happening all around you – right in front of you. What is it about the indigent community that frightens you, alarms you or causes you to look the other way, pretending you don’t see or hear them?

Am I my brother’s keeper? Are we not blessed to be a blessing? Is not what we receive directly proportionate to what we give?

“A setback is just a setup for a comeback,” according to  motivational speaker WIllie Jolley.

Perception or reality.

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