MLK waving to crowd.
MLK waves after making his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Photo provided by Wes Candela Photography LLC

MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech was so powerful. It brought tears and laughter and joy to the world. Those words inspired lots of smiles and hope to help fight the sadness caused by a lot of segregation, bigotry, and hatred against Black people.

His speech left us to wonder why there is so much hatred in this world. Why can’t we love each other and get along with each other regardless of our skin color? Dr. King wanted peace for America and instead he was murdered. And before his death, he said he had seen his dream become a nightmare.

We face all this now. You saw it at the Capitol at the start of the year. We can’t let haters with no love for one another win. We should honor the reverend’s legacy and keep pushing for justice.

We are facing challenging times. COVID-19 is making everything very hard. I hope everyone gets the vaccine and that our new president makes a difference. I hope this year brings happiness and joy for everyone, with many blessings along the way.