The Day the Lord died, palms were laid on His tomb. He suffered being nailed to the cross, pains and aches, thorns and nails through His head. He suffered a terrible death. All that knew Him bowed down and cried, “What a kind, innocent, wonderful man.” Man of Joy. The Healer. How could anyone take His Life? How could they see a man of great wisdom and power suffer a horrible death in vain? Everyone knew the great powers He had.

He was the greatest of all time. Everyone was saddened by his death. But the day of joy came on Easter Sunday. The Lord rose up from the dead and shocked the whole world. He rose up with great power and strength like no one had ever seen. He was the greatest joy and happiness. To others, a dead man had come to life to let everyone know He was free, He was alive, and His spirit would live forever and ever.

Easter is a joy of coloring eggs of all different sorts of colors. Beautiful Easter baskets, all sorts of Easter candy, all kinds of stuffed animals: rabbits, chickens, bunnies. All sorts of wonderful Easter goodies. Going to church, enjoying a wonderful Easter service, seeing children and adults dressed nicely for Easter. Receiving God’s words spoke highly about in church. Feeling the joy of a beautiful Easter. Enjoying Easter dinner with ham and pineapple slices, deviled eggs, potato salad, greens, string beans, rolls, favorite drinks, desserts. Easter has a lot of joy in it. Even churches around the world have an open heart for the homeless and offer Easter dinner to those who are less fortunate than others.

Happy Easter to everyone.