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P-A-I-N where does it from
Is there a true relief?
Can one escape the prison an unbothered release?
What is the destiny of man?
All I see is trouble through a window p-a-n-e
All around us
How can we let go?
Who sees the P-A-I-N
when tears flow?
Are their salty tears meant to water flowers,
of earth’s remaining years?
How much does it take for it to all end?
P-A-I-N is all I see,
Wish I could go back to mommy
Wishing she was still here to guide
How much longer will they be dancing around in false pride?
P-A-I-N, feeling so strong,
as Kaio-ken times ten
Surely that can’t be all there is to life
P-A-I-N is what guides those who fight
What form should it take?
How long must hurting people wait?
I ask when will we all be truly free?
How can I remove this pain from me?
Surely it’s a hard road
the one I have been on seems flooded out,
covered with snow
Longing for the day we can all lay down our weapons
P-A-I-N, what does it take to win
P-A-I-N, we have already lost to many of them
P-A-I-N, I can’t accept losing any more
P-A-I-N, where is the peace i yearn for?
P-A-I-N, is all I see
P-A-I-N, I guess I gotta use both of them,
fight with sword and pen.