Levester Green

The Dream was supposed to be inclusive: end war; end poverty; and end racism. Alas, on April 4th fifty years ago the world was shocked to its core. Although parts of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message frightened many people, everyone was affected by his assassination. This country has still not reconciled this atrocity.  Racial incidents and hate crimes have spiked in the last few years. Black activists continue to be harassed and persecuted for their beliefs. Racial relations have become worse five decades after MLK gave his life to make them better. 

This isn’t a political party thing because Malcolm Little, who was murdered only three years earlier, was a conservative. We are fighting for our rights and we won’t back down. We can fish. And, truth be told, we taught other civilizations to fish. We want what we built to be used properly. We want to live and to be left alone. We are as bright as any stars in the universe. 

It is our time to shine.