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I was subjected to violence all my life. As a child, my father used to beat me in the head with a baseball bat and whip my naked back with extension cords and belts. He’d spit in my face and tell me I wouldn’t amount to nothing. He said it so much that I, as an adult, started to believe him.  

In school, in my neighborhood, I was face-to-face with violence. My father-in-law stabbed me in my stomach in front of my children. I was shot by someone who I thought was my best friend. I learnt that there isn’t such a thing as a best friend, just good friends.  

Then, by God’s will, I came in contact with an organization called Street Sense Media. It gave me a way out of that world. Now, I knew it would not be easy because of my own life experiences, but I gave it a chance to make a new start. This place allows me to earn money to take care of myself and also send some type of money to my children. I dress clean and keep my hygiene up to par.  

Because of my learning disability and depression, I couldn’t obtain a GED. So, getting a job was hard and open doors always closed in my face. But Street Sense Media didn’t. I work hard to earn money selling paper. It isn’t easy, so the money I make I spend wisely. Some people are very mean, and sompeople are very nice.  

Thanks to all who help, cause Gods help is eternal. 

Love, Mr. Hipps.