Bradley Wells/Flickr

Opinions, presumptions and assumptions are thoughts
Unthoroughly held to the cross
Of the truth until otherwise

Proven false and or far too true according to: the majority vote of one, you.

If all of the “ones” are magnificently huge in number and reverberate. A copycat’s repetitious echo.

The opinion made by presumption, based on assumptions,
Is it still a might consensus of one?

Absorbed and regurgitated by many. Too busy to look it up and double check that horse’s mouth
Because there is not enough time to look/see beyond perceiving

Don‘t feel like being bothered, too busy living life on the run.

Sometimes it’s good to take the time, to give some inquisitive thinking time.
Keep an open mind, okay?

One’s knowledge base changes every second, every day.

You just ask yourself the questions.

Is it what I hear?

Is it what I see?

Or is there something

More beneath the depths of one’s perception.

In the end you say what I do know proven or not.

It’s my opinion, presumption and assumption, hopefully, some good will be done, in truth, I pray.