The Redskins football team
robert macdonald/Flickr

I have been a Redskins fan for years and out of those years I have seen some things, but the offensive line didn’t give Robert Griffin III the protection he deserved. What makes a good quarterback? In order for a quarterback to be successful, he has to have a good offensive line, and they didn’t do their job.

I have seen some games where Griffin was quarterback and the offensive linemen were not giving him the protection that he needed to make something happen, just based on what I saw on television watching the games.

Mr. Snyder, I used to work for you when you had a communications firm in Rockville, Md., and there’s one I can say about you — that you are a fair man and it was an honor working for you at that time. And with all due respect, if you and the organization decide to trade or release Robert Griffin III, in my opinion, the organization will be making a big mistake.