homeless man on a bench
A homeless man lays on a bench in northwest D.C (Elvert Barnes/Flickr)

Some of y’all need to come back to reality. I see too many people out there while I’m working that downgrading people just because they can see that they are struggling.  

Stop acting like you never had to call and get a bill extended. Stop acting like you never had to eat what you had because you couldn’t afford what you wanted. Stop acting like you never had to catch a bus or a ride with someone because you didn’t have a car. Stop acting like you never had anyone in your family or close to you who was on drugs. Stop judging people and their struggles. 

Remember, God sits high and looks low. Be mindful: the struggles someone is going through today could turn and become yours tomorrow. So, stay humble and let’s take good care of one another. We only live once! 

Me and my customers appreciate your love and support for all Street Sense Media vendors.  Thank you for reading!