On my way to my job at night
I need more things in my life
Ya Lord bless me right
I see this old lady outside this night
My heart weeps at her sight
Of all the nights
Sitting in a ball on top of many bags
A sight so sad
Wet as can be
A tear falling from me
I thought to myself
how do she carry them all?
she so small
No rolling cart in sight
To top it all off, it had been raining heavily all night
I look left, I look right
The U.S. Capitol in my sight
On that avenue to the Leader of the free world
The free world I know
Free not to care about an old lady
sleeping outside on a rainy night
I went to work that night
With the sight of her still in my mind
Trying to make sense of the time
Two days later I see her
I try to say “Hi”
Her head to the sky
She walked past me as if I wasn’t there
Talking to the angels in the air
I notice some of her bags were not there
Do anyone even care?
Someone’s sister, mother, or child
An aunt, so nice, all the while
Left all alone
Old, old without a home
just a place to grow old
I walk up the street
I see another man
Laid out on the street
With no things at all
The funny thing is he smiled at me
and waved,
I say “Hi”
I thought, ‘where are his things?”
Still all alone
someone’s brother, a son, a father
who might
an uncle so nice
Who knew he served his country, too
with honors
Now old with no home to call his own
who really cares?
The whole world see them there
Walk by as if they’re not there
my Lord is always there
His grace is everywhere
Why I shed a tear
And think to give of my substance
To find the time to care
Yes Lord please make me one who cares