JC Diaz

I can only speak for myself, but I’m certain I’m not alone. There are some homeless folk that prefer to earn their own way and buy their own food.

Personally, I find it off-putting when people, even with the noblest of intentions, buy me food without first asking my needs. To be frank (though I’m better at being Ken), I have dietary restrictions and am mobility impaired. Translation: what they give that I can’t or don’t want to consume, I am now forced to transport to its unintended and final destination. Better put, I have to find someone to eat it, attempt an exchange without requiring a lot of walking, get a receipt (that means I have to prove  it’s not stolen), or finally the last/worst option – which is to trash it. In my home, we were taught never to waste food. Thus, I would never see a generous contribution squandered.

It would be far less conceited for the generous donor to take a more dignified (in my humble opinion) approach and inquired of my preferences. If you did, you would learn that I would prefer that money spent on a gift card (that I could share with my kids), a GoFundMe contribution (which enables my mission) or that you just buy and read an underpriced paper (which is why I’m there anyway).