Looking back over the last three months has really strengthened my belief that we, as Americans, need to better inform ourselves about domestic and foreign policies that are coming out of Washington. That can be a challenge. You have those on the right who keep telling people lies and half-truths until those lies and half truths harm the American people and our economy. Then there are those on the left who might not tell such outright lies but who offer overly-optimistic promises about the success of whatever they are proposing. They are known for cooking the books. Before and after this latest government shutdown, I couldn’t believe the number of lies and half-truths that members of the media allowed politicians get away with. I guess it all looked like good copy and soundbites to them.

After five years of working to make everything President Obama did fail, the extremist tea party wing of the Republican party effectively sought to destroy the American economy, a treasonous act if ever one was committed. Due to the fact that most Americans didn’t take the time to inform themselves on policy, we are being told that our country is $17 trillion dollars in debt because of Obama and his spending, and a lot of us believe it. No one on the right wants to talk about the true cost of George W. Bush’s so-called “War on Terror” and the fact that it has all but bankrupted us.

So maybe the American people could have done without the costs of George Bush’s war on Islam. After the ‘08 economic collapse, maybe we didn’t need a healthcare policy that would weigh on our economy. I say maybe because you never know what might have been, if those on the right weren’t fighting to see the president fail any which way they could. Some of them are the same Republicans that helped George Bush bankrupt the country with the war in the Middle East.

At a recent gathering of Republicans at a family values meeting in Washington DC there was the usual call for defunding Obamacare, as they like to call it. The highlight speaker, one Dr. Ben Carson, is quoted as saying Obamacare was worse than slavery. I can’t begin to comprehend how he came to that conclusion when he has never been a slave, and the impact of Obamacare won’t be fully felt for years to come.

With that said, the other highlight speaker was the senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, with his divisive language concerning Christianity and Islam. He basically said that we are at war as people of faith. He spoke on how some people do crazy things. He painted a picture that could, if he is believed, further fuel the religious hate and bigotry in this country.the Republicans always say we can’t afford Obamacare, but they never talk about how we can’t afford to be spending money on the fear of billions of Muslims and their faith. Just like the true gospel of Christ is a rebuttal of religious hypocrites, so it is with the Koran for most Muslims. We could save billions if we use the words of the Holy Books against religious extremism.

In conclusion, as long as Republican tea party members are able to gain more influence on American policies, our economy will never recover and we will always be at war with people of faith, which will lead to slow decline of America, letting those whose hate win.