It all started three years ago in Adams Morgan at Life Asset, the microenterprise program
located on 18th Street NW that persuaded me to reboot my news sales career after nearly half a century. (I was a paperboy with the Washington Evening Star at age 13.)

I needed to be humbled before actively pursuing “Brims,” my entrepreneurial quest to sell
quality head-wear with quality care.

So off to Street Sense I went!

That was three years ago, give or take a fortnight. Since then, I have accomplished a few

I’ve made a host of friends, developed a supportive network of great folks that helped keep me alive – folks I’ve come to love as much as family. I’ve even discovered a nemesis (or five). I’ve survived life on the streets “with a little (BIG TIME) help from my friends.” I’ve made news, local and abroad — all very humbling, right?!

Today I have a place to call home, a place to start, ironically in Adams Morgan.

Even more ironic, or perhaps moronic, after three years I find myself back at “Start,” as if I were playing Chutes and Ladders with my youngsters. I’m working to develop a new Street Sense vending spot near my new home. Definitely humbling.

I debuted my return officially at Philz Coffee during this year’s Adams Morgan Day festivities.
Humble me…

But there’s no need to slaughter the fatted calf! Just stop to say hello.

It is always my hope that passersby will enjoy my music and movement return my greetings,
stop and chat, learn my intentions and maybe even buy a paper!

You can read more about Ken’s business at and see more of his
contributions the paper on