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Orlando Man Arrested in Death of Transient 

A man using the alias “Matthew Killing” was picked up by police and turned out to be a suspect in the murder of a homeless man in Florida.  

The man, Ezra Evans, was wanted for questioning in the death of a transient in Orlando, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The body of 65-year-old John Goggin was found in an abandoned building’s doorway. The homeless man had been beaten to death. 

Evans was arrested on charges of providing false identification to a police officer. “You better call a detective because they are going to want to talk to me,” Evans was quoted as telling the deputy driving him to the Orange County Jail. “If you call detectives and tell them you have Ezra Evans, they will beat you to jail to get to me.” 

Wen asked why, the 36-year old suspect replied that he was wanted for murder. 

Evans was arrested after an acquaintance saw an article describing the unsolved homicide. According to the report, the acquaintance told police that Evans told him he had recently killed a homeless man in Orlando and that he was wanted for another murder in North Carolina. The acquaintance said that Evans told him that he had severely beaten the victim and left his body covered with a blanket and voiced concern that his shoes would link him to the bloody scene. 

Police believe that Goggin may have been bludgeoned with a board after refusing to give Evans $10 following several hours of drinking with him. Evans remains in the Orange County Jail without bail on charges of first-degree murder and providing false identification. 

Utah Gets Record Shelter Funding 

The state of Utah is getting $5 million dollars from the federal government to provide shelter and care for homeless people.  

The total disbursement is the largest from the government in its history. According to the Associated Press (AP), about 20 agencies in Utah have been awarded funding. 

Permanent and transitional housing and services like job training and health care will be put into place with some of the funding. In addition, resources for converting buildings into homeless shelters, assisting in the operation of local shelters, and funding drug and alcohol treatment, child care, and homelessness and alcohol prevention programs will be allotted. 

Homeless Man Takes Up Residence in School 

A homeless man who sought shelter in a high school in Minnesota has apologized to the school’s students and their parents. 

Francisco Serrano told them he was simply looking for a warm place to stay during the winter. Serrano is a 21-year old former student of Apple Valley High School in Edina, Minnesota. According to the AP, Serrano is shocked that so many people were sympathetic to his situation. 

“I’m impressed that people who don’t know me want to help me,” Serrano said. “All I can say is thank you.” 

Serrano, who is a Mexican citizen, still faces possible deportation on an immigration charge. He was free Friday on $5000 bond posted by a Minnesota developer. 

Serrano says he lived at the school for three weeks. Since he looks much younger than his actual age, he was able to blend into the school population. He says he spent his time in the school’s gym and study hall and even helped out in the theater. At night, he watched TV. If teachers challenged him, he would tell them he was a new student, and he even went to class twice. 

-Compiled by Patty Lane 

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