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Aida Peery

As a vendor for the past year, I want to give thanks to all my customers from 9th and G Street NW, 14th and K Street NW, 15th and I Street NW, Eastern Market on Saturdays and Dupont Circle on Sundays. Thank you for supporting me, for giving me a thumbs up to keep selling Street Sense, and for giving me a plethora of verbal encouragement on my articles. I’ve gotten to the point of becoming addicted to selling the paper. I’ve gotten to meet people and know them on a first-name basis. Many people know my name as well. It feels good to meet so many nice people. Even if they don’t take the paper, they will donate towards the paper and will spend a few minutes to just talk small talk. So, to all my customers, I just hope you have a wonderful and safe Merry Christmas/Happy New Years, and Thank You for being so kind to me.