Picture of a city at night with "Happy New Year" written in lights

Into the New Year, into the night, the word she spoke made my heart feel tight.

She told me that she loved me right, and how a New Year could make our love take flight.

Some of the things she said, when a loved one knows you from your past, the buttons she pushed made my heart run fast.

The truth she told made me almost lose control.

Still, I thought, tomorrow is another day. For surely, she will go away. Like many in my past, I could never like that ass oh! To know how to love from a distance on those lonely nights.

For a new year-to-get-it-right, I only have one life. For this New Year, I will not speak of it, but seek to live in the Guiding Light.

For only if a New Year could make all the mistakes of yesteryear alright? Me of little faith, with war, hatred of the refugee and homelessness on the rise. With people being murdered on the streets by the police and whole communities filled with death and poverty. With the winds of global warming blowing free and genocide being inflicted on humanity.

A Happy New Year! Yaw Right! I will give Him all the praise and pray for forgiveness in the next life, you see? This New Year I wish would be that next life.