Chris Hunkeler/Flickr

I lost my ID and asked our case manager at Street Sense, Colleen, what I should do about it.

Since I needed a new DMV ID, I needed a few documents such as a birth certificate, proof of address, and, of course, a form to waive the fee. She told me to go to 64 New York Avenue, NE.

Then, with these documents and the form to waive the fees, I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV clerk said everything was in order except for a photograph to complete the necessary paper work. The clerk then told me it would take about 10 days to receive the ID or driver’s license through the mail. In the meantime, I should keep my documents in a safe place in case they might be needed again.

The world has changed so drastically for “millennials.” We no longer get our IDs or driver’s licenses on the same day we apply. Those days are long gone.

It’s all in the name of security. I just hope my documents stay secure while I wait for my new ID in the mail. I’m glad Street Sense has someone like Colleen to help out with navigating situations like this.